Focus 2040 through the years

“Who knows what the world will be like in 2040?” For the 6th year, Focus 2040 has been providing a platform for creative minds from universities across Canada to answer this question. Real world wins include cash prizes of $5000, $3000, $2000 and the prestigious BPI internship in Paris.

Get to know the past winners who unlocked the future and the co-chairs who brought them together! Click on the winners and leaders to view their LinkedIn profiles.

2013/14 Co-chairs: Heather LoPresti and Julia Piccioni

1. Matthew Armellin (McMaster University) and Nadine Shantz (McMaster University)
2. Naureen Qazi Mushifique (Lakehead University)
3. Mikael Castaldo (University of Toronto Scarborough) and Joseph Lundy (University of Waterloo)
BPI: Bariha Batool (McMaster University)

2012/13 Co-chairs: Shin Tang and Gloria Qiu

1. Sinan Nasir (University of Ottawa)
2. Brianna Smrke (McMaster University)
3. Amy Todd (Western University)
BPI: Shwetha Chandrashekhar (University of Guelph)

2011/12 Co-chairs: Nicole Gauthier and Darlene D’Souza

1. Mario Vasilescu (University of Ontario Institute of Technology) and Cindy Chan (University of Waterloo)
2. Lydia Wu (Queen’s University)
3. Tiffanie Lai (Simon Fraser University) and Amanda Feng (University of British Columbia)
BPI: Mario Vasilescu

2010/11 Co-chairs: Chelsea White and Varun Sirohi

1. Ananya Datta (Queen’s University)
2. Richie George (Queens University)
3. Ashlee Liu (Simon Fraser University)
4. Jose Mariano Gottselig (Queen’s University)
BPI: Ashlee Liu

2009/10 Co-chairs: Grace McGeachie, Ashley Milne and Quinn MacDonald

1: Sandeep Achar (Queen’s University)
2: Vanya Grover (McMaster University)
3: Viva Nsair (McMaster University)
BPI: Viva Nsair