How Your Company Can Contribute

If your business is optimistic for the future and interested in aligning its goals and objectives with those of Focus 2040, you can take advantage of the many opportunities we have for you to get involved.


Monetary Sponsorship

We have three different levels of monetary sponsorship you can choose, each with specific benefits for your company. You can choose to contribute at either the Platinum ($10,000), Gold ($5,000) or Bronze ($2,500) level.


Internship Contributions

Internship offerings are another form of sponsorship. Corporations supporting the Focus 2040 competition will have the opportunity to interview any individual from the Top 10 finalists, Phase 2 and Phase 3 applicants. The competition will utilize a rank-and-match system to facilitate the distribution of internship positions.



We greatly appreciate any form of donations-in-kind your company can contribute to the competition. Whether it contribute company memorabilia, gift certificates, or other donations-in-kind, your business will receive noteworthy promotional activity.


Value to Sponsors

We are supplying you with direct access to future business leaders that are interested in improving how people are being managed today and in the future. By getting involved, you communicate that you care about people in general. This will appeal not only to HR students, but will improve your overall campus recruitment program. Most importantly, it’s a chance to catch a glimpse and prepare your company for the future work systems.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you obtain maximum benefits for your involvement with Focus 2040.

For more information on how your company can get involved, please view our sponsorship package at this link: this link.