Focus 2040: because you are the future

It’s 2040. As you’re getting ready for work, you glance out your bedroom window and you ask yourself, “Who would have ever predicted the world to look like it does now?” The answer? You. You are the business leaders of tomorrow. You have the imagination to bring forth new ideas. You have the potential to change the world. Together, we must focus… because you are the future.

    • FEBRUARY 16
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    Thank You

    A warm Thank You to everyone who participated in Phase-1 and congratulations to all who made it to Phase-2. We received a total of 123 registrations and 52 submissions and an overwhelming response from students all across Canada. Top 25 in Phase-2 will now compete for top 10 spots for the final presentations in March.

    • JANUARY 30
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    As things approach closer to the deadline (Jan 31 @ 11:59 PM), we understand you might have some questions unanswered. Please feel free to drop an email at, should you have any concerns. We look forward to your submissions.